In-Gym Offerings

Nutrition/ Body Recomposition:
  • “I lost over 19 lbs. of body fat while simultaneously gaining muscle mass.”

  • 10 additional members lost an average of 11lbs of fat while also gaining muscle or at least not losing any muscle mass. 

  • Only 1 member lost muscle mass, and that individual took his body fat from 11% to under 5% exclusively through our training and nutrition programs. 

  • Aeron Dietz, Owner of Fitness Wave Norcal, reported to us in his 12 years of experience only 1 other group has matched our results...and this was our first pass at a group challenge.

While many groups give everyone the "Tilapia and Asparagus" diet or exist on shakes alone, starving their clients in an attempt to get a short term "weight loss number", we focus on a truly customized approach that has been the basis for our individual and athletic training for 20 years. 
We have the experience and of equal importance the expertise to meet anyone where they are on their journey and create an optimal plan to achieve the highest level of result in the shortest time possible.
As it pertains to nutrition, we not only identify each client's optimal meal frequency, food quality, macronutrient ratio and total caloric intake we adjust all of those variables as needed throughout the course of the program. Training is also treated with a high level of specialization and focus on the individual needs of each member.
Every session is coached.
Everything is explained. 
Nothing is left to chance.
Everyone overcomes their challenges and achieves things they didn't think possible before joining. More importantly, we teach the psychology behind body composition change.
This is truly the difference maker. Frankly it is why the overwhelming majority of people who struggle with fat loss or muscle gain never attain or sustain their ideal goal. Most never even get close and just repeat the same unsatisfying process over and over again. If that speaks to you and, if you have been fighting your body for years without the result you want, just know that there is a solution. 


This program will teach you the techniques and insider information that has made Diablo Barbell the most successful Powerlifting Gym on the West Coast (over 45 Elites in Powerlifting).
Here we will give you a strong understanding of the conjugate method, with personalized training and programming from Ted O’Neill that will get you stronger no matter your starting point.
You will gain the confidence and knowledge to increase your proficiency in the 3 main lifts - squat, bench press, and deadlift. You will be coached every step of the way with handoffs, choosing your weight attempts, technical cues, etc.
You will get out of this what you put into it.
Think big, set personal goals, and sign a contract with yourself to commit and to bring the best version of yourself to this program. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, we’re here to help!


Rehabilitation and personalized coaching utilizing our program developed by Ted O'Neill and Dr. Andrea Vitz. Diablo Barbell applies a unique and empowering approach to Rehabilitation.  

The knowledgeable support of our team will allow you to overcome the fear of pain and build the strength necessary to provide stability and functionality, giving you your life back. 

Our approach is to not give you the same low back, shoulder, hips or hamstrings you had in the past but build you one that you will be able to rely on. 

Every problem has a solution and we are excited to help you navigate to a stronger and capable you. 

All areas of discomfort, deformity or debilitation can be overcome with straight-forward communication, support and adherence to a complex yet individual plan. All injuries welcome for pre-rehab consultation with onsite chiropractor (Elite Powerlifter who actually rehabbed her own massive spinal injury at Diablo Barbell)

"We get results because we don't accept the alternative." - Dr. Vitz


Our Conditioning program is designed to benefit any level of athlete. From beginner, trying to lose body fat, to the professional athlete or Elite powerlifter, to increase stamina, and General Physical Preparedness. We utilize a variety of indoor and outdoor implements to maximize the use of 45 minutes, either used as a full workout or warm up for our advanced athletes.